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Añana Salt Valley

One of the most important cultural, architectural, environmental, landscape and archaeological sites in the world.

Important Announcement

Following the recommendations issued by health authorities and the directions of the Basque Government and the Provincial Council of Alava, the Salt Valley of Añana will close temporarily to visitors effective March 14 until further notice as a way to contribute to contain the spread of COVID-19.

While the Salt Valley of Añana is closed to visitors, staff members continue working internally in order to accompany the public in these challenging times. Tickets to the guided tours purchased for the dates the Salt Valley will be closed will be valid for a future date once the Salt Valley of Añana opens to the public; alternatively, they can be refunded via the same way they were initially bought, calling to 945 35 11 11  or sending an email to

Pedro Subijana
For Pedro Subijana the Salt of Añana has an intensity that lasts a lot in the mouth and you do not need as much as with other salts that are not as natural
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Eneko Atxa
For Eneko Atxa the Salt of Añana is a unique treasure, the oldest we have and witness to our origins and history.
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Maximum heritage recognition
The Salt Valley received the Grand Jury Prize of the European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Award 2015
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Diego Guerrero
Diego Guerrero: The Añana´s Salt defines itself, you only have to accompany it with a dish
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Martín Berasategui
For Martín Berasategui, the Basque chef with the most Michelin stars, the Añana´s Salt is the Rolls Royce of the salts of the world and a gastronomic treasure
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The Salt Valley has been recognised as a Globally Important Agriculture Heritage System (GIAHS) by the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO)
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Exceptional industrial heritage
Valle Salado de Añana has been aproved as an Anchor Point on the European Route of Industrial Heritage (ERIH) by the ERIH Board. This distinction is the most relevant in terms of industrial tourist heritage, considering the valley a place of "exceptional importance" for its "innovating and high quality visitor experience"
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The distribution of the liquid
The brine flows, by the force of gravity, to all corners of the salt farms by means of an ingenious system of wooden channels.
Liquid gold
The salt water from the Valle Salado springs contains 210 grams of salt per litre; seven times more than seawater.
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El origen del agua salada
There are four springs in Valle Salado with a natural flow of salty water of two litres per second.
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Top Quality
The quality of Añana´s Salt is considered one of the best salts in the world and is endorsed by some of the most important chefs of international cuisine.
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Origins of Añana
Salinas de Añana was the first village founded in the Basque country in the year 1114
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Where to buy Añana´s Salt
You can buy Añana´s Salt in your usual shops and in our online store
Online shop
Valle Salado has been producing salt continuously for 7.000 years.
Añana´s Salts
Valle Salado produces five types of salt: Spring´s Salt , Salt Flower, "Chuzos" or stalactites of salt, Liquid Spring´s Salt and Fine Salt
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Saline biodiversity
Artemia Parthenogenética is a crustacean that inhabits the brine wells in Valle Salado
Añana´s Salt
Añana Salt is considered among the best salt in the world by international experts
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Andoni L. Aduriz
For Andoni L. Aduriz to add a pinch of Añana´s Salt to a dish is a capital pleasure and you incorporate part of the memory of a village and a fraction of the biography of a valley
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Open to the public
The Salt Valley is open to year-round guided tours. Check the dates and times that we have at your disposal to come and discover us.
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Old owners
The Gatzagak society is heir to the Community of Knights Heirs of the Royal Salinas of Añana, which has more than 900 years of history
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