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Strategic Sponsors


What does being a Strategic Sponsor of Valle Salado mean?
- Contribute to and be an active part of the recovery, conservation and enhancement of a unique cultural landscape in the world.
- Support a strategic project for the Basque Country, an example of economic and social benefits.
- Contribute to the tourist, cultural, economic and social development of the enclave and its environment under the premise of respect and dissemination of its economic and environmental values.
- Support the sustainable development of a salt farm of exceptional value and preserve the memory of a trade, a culture and traditions that are thousands of years old.
- Learn, live, preserve, disseminate and enjoy Valle Salado with the satisfaction of leaving future generations a heritage and cultural legacy of incalculable value.

Sponsorship Level
Granja (Farm).

Dissemination of the corporate image
- Via Internet through our website and social networks.
- In our cultural dissemination campaigns on Valle Salado.- At promotional events, international fairs, the press, etc.
- Embedded in publications.

What are the benefits?
- A plaque in Valle Salado.
- Annual gift of a batch of products.
- Invitations to all the Foundation's public acts and events.
- 75 tickets a year for free access to the Guided Tour of Valle Salado.
- Tax benefits: expenses deductible from the contribution + 18% additional deduction (priority activity).

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